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Our Story

It started from a simple dinner conversation between friends while enjoying some insanely flavorful, farm fresh steaks. Now we’re on a mission to change the culture of how beef is raised, purchased and consumed. 

We want the world to discover the unique taste of farm fresh beef, the people and processes behind that beef, ultimately helping independent farmers and ranchers continue doing what they love – raising healthy and happy cattle, and their families. 

The Meat Culture Mission

If you’ve tasted farm fresh beef before, there’s no need to explain that flavor. But if you need to know, it’s equal to having a ten-year-old glass of merlot or a freshly tapped, small batch craft beer. You can taste the difference – and the care!

The problem with buying this kind of beef – direct from the farm is 99% of the time, the process of getting it is very complex. Unless you have a “local beef guy,” knowledge of the butchering process, three or four people to split it with, and enough freezer storage for 200+ pounds of meat, it’s a pretty expensive and timely investment.

The Neighborherds makes it easier to buy and enjoy great-tasting, farm fresh beef, raised close to where our customers live, by honest farmers and ranchers who care about their cattle. 



How Does It Work?

We ship direct to your door small bundles of the beef cuts you want– that fit easily in your standard kitchen freezer – sourced from independent farms and ranches. Order however much you want, whenever you want. 

Simply order online and we’ll ship it right to your door. Why order in bundles you ask? 

  • Always have beef on hand for meals
  • Try out different recipes with 2-4 different cuts of beef.
  • Cut down on excessive trips to the grocery store
  • Get the best value for your shipping dollars

Want more beef or specific cuts? Get a second bundle or pick a unique and exclusive cut from the add on page.


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Growing Local Economies Everywhere

We also want to show that the entire farm-to-table process can be kept local and sustainable too. In addition to sourcing beef from local farmers, The Neighborherds uses resources from our customers’ communities to cut and ship beef, increasing business for everyone involved in the process and keeping economy dollars and beef “local” by shipping to regions instead of nation-wide. Find out more about our butchers and sustainable shipping process. 

Help us grow in the midwest buy buying local beef from us, and communities everywhere can by their own local beef with ease.



The Farms & Ranches

So how does The Neighborherds choose the farms and ranches that bring great-tasting beef to you? We team up with producers who treat their cattle like family and use sustainable, humane practices. We support the producers that despite the odds, choose to continue farming and ranching because they know that their efforts will make a difference in the way we raise and consume food now and in the future.

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About the Founders


Kristen and Nate Hicks started The Neighborherds in 2017 from their farm home in South Dakota. They are part of a growing generation of people who are passionate about knowing where our food really comes from.

Together, Nate and Kristen formed the “meat culture mission” that The Neighborherds stands behind in hopes that small farms and their owners can continue to raise healthy, happy herds (of the rumen and human kind) for future generations to come.

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