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Lean Protein Bundle Recipes

Posted by Kristen Hicks on Jan 21st 2019

Keto, Paleo and Carnivore lovers- You've finally got an option for lean, healthy, and midwest-raised beef. But what's the best way to cook these cuts? Here's a recipe for every cut of beef in our Prot … read more
Cooking 100% Grass Fed Beef

Cooking 100% Grass Fed Beef

Posted by Kristen Hicks - Via Chelsea Green and Shannon Hayes on Nov 15th 2018

When cooking a 100% grass-fed steak, the key is to create a sear on the outside that creates a light crust on the exterior of the meat, then allow it to cook through at a much lower temperature. This … read more

New Farmer! Meet the Wagner Brothers

Posted by Kristen Hicks on Jun 11th 2018

Welcome Wagner Brother's Black Angus BeefLocated in the Jim River valley in southeastern South Dakota, the Wagner Brothers Farms is owned and operated by two generations of brothers. Farming and ranch … read more