New Farmer! Meet the Wagner Brothers

Posted by Kristen Hicks on Jun 11th 2018

Welcome Wagner Brother's Black Angus Beef

Located in the Jim River valley in southeastern South Dakota, the Wagner Brothers Farms is owned and operated by two generations of brothers. Farming and ranching for years, these guys spend days, nights and weekends – sometimes on top of their full-time day jobs – caring for their Black Angus and Simmental herd. It’s all because of their passion to continue the family farming tradition.

Cattle are born and raised on the farm and eat a combination of native grasses from the pastures near the families homes and are finished with grains.

We raise our cattle knowing that the beef is not only serving others, but is also something we'd be proud to put on our table to feed our own families,” says Brandon Wagner.

These practices make for truly delicious, marbled and tender beef that you can feel good about eating. We hope you enjoy the unique flavor of Wagner Brother’s Black Angus beef.

Cheers to Steers-

Kristen and Nate