Goeken Cattle


Goeken Cattle - Utica, South Dakota

The Goeken family raises Simmental, SimAngus, Black Angus, and Maine-Anjou cattle just outside of Utica, South Dakota. If you truly want to know a family that puts 110% into raising and caring for their cattle, these guys are it. Cattle are pasture-raised and fed on grasses of the James River Highlands and grain-finished to provide the perfect marbling you'd expect to see at at traditional, upscale steakhouse.They are NHTC Certified, meaning the USDA partakes in an on-site audit of their ranch to ensure cattle are not being treated with hormones, and must be approved before the cattle are sold. Goeken Cattle is well known for their award-winning cattle, annual production bull sale, and annual show calf sale, and raise steers specifically for The Neighborherds. The Goeken production bull sale has been running for over 35 years, and is well known for providing quality production bulls that are used in many cow-calf herds across the Midwest. 

Grass-fed, grain-finished | No unnecessary antibiotics | Not treated with hormones | Raised like family