How It Works

1. Choose your farmer

Read about their practices including what cattle consume and how they are raised. 


2. Choose your meat

Select available bundles or Make your own “bundle” buy selecting specific cuts (even from multiple farmers).

COST SAVINGS TIP: Bundles save you money long-term – sometimes up to 15% – provide up to 20 servings, and are as low as $3.50 per serving! 


 3. Choose your shipping method

Ship with eco-friendly, reusable and returnable containers, or skip the easy return process with standard shipping. We also offer a 20% discount if you choose our flexible delivery/pick up option in Yankton, South Dakota.

Don’t ship to your zip? Click here to ask for a custom shipping quote!


4. Checkout and DONE

We’ll let you know when to expect farm-fresh flavor at your door!