Tenderloin Steaks Bundle Prairie-Blossom

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54.00 Ounces
The crème de la crème of cuts. Small size, BIG beefy flavor, extremely tender texture. 2x 10oz* Filets, 2x 9oz* Sirloin Tip Steaks and 1lb of single-source lean ground beef, always farm-fresh. Exclusive cuts, get 'em before they're gone!
  • 100% Grass-fed Cattle
  • This Bundle provides around 6-9 servings (2-3 meals for a family of 4)
  • Get recipes and cooking tips for lean, 100% grass-fed beef: "Cooking 100% grass-fed beef" blog post or visit us on Pinterest
  • USDA inspected, cut and packaged at family-owned and operated butcher shops
  • Raised humanely by Prairie Blossom Trails in Nebraska
  • Ships frozen to your door
  • *Steak sizes vary 1-3oz