NEW Prairie Blossom Trails


The Neighborherds first 100% grass-fed beef partner


Prairie Blossom Trails - The Steffen Family

 100% grass-fed, grass finished | No unnecessary antibiotics | No added hormones | Raised like family

Located just outside of Fordyce, Nebraska, the Steffen family’s property produces native, perennial grasses and plants; some pastures have never been altered from their original state. Pat, a fourth-generation farmer, his son Robert, and their families spend their time raising and socializing a unique cattle breed to the midwest, Scottish Highland-mixes. Known for their long, thick hair and hardiness in harsh conditions, the ancient Scottish breed retains more heat, gaining weight steadily and converting rich pasture grasses and plants year-round into tasty, lean meat. In the winter months, cattle are fed additional hay cut from these pastures.

Pat, Robert and the rest of the family are firmly committed to the care of their land and animals. They believe it is important to cooperate with nature and complex ecosystems to promote a clean, safe environment for their family, their cattle and their neighbors. Teaching future generations about the native prairie and proper management will help promote respect for nature and a healthy ecosystem. This makes a big difference in the beef they are proud to provide for The Neighborherds customers.