The Founders

Kristen and Nate Hicks started The Neighborherds in 2017 from their farm home in South Dakota. They are part of a growing generation of people who are passionate about knowing where our food really comes from.

Nate, an engineer raised on that very family farm, has a passion for sustainable farming and finding solutions to big problems. He owns and operates Hicks Cattle farm, just one of The Neighborherds farms, with his father.

Kristen has always had a passion for connecting people to experience and things that make life better. A city-dwelling Idaho native, Kristen’s passion for beef started after being blown away by the flavor of her first bit of a farm fresh steak during her first visit to Nate’s family farm. 

Prior to that, she was integral part of the success of Duke's Small Batch Smoked Meats, a socially conscious product focused on sourcing insanely fresh and flavorful ingredients. She, along with the Duke’s team, worked closely with the USDA to ensure humane beef standards were met with every batch created.

Together, Nate and Kristen formed the “meat culture mission” The Neighborherds stands behind in hopes that small farms and their owners can continue to raise healthy, happy herds (of the rumen and human kind) for future generations to come.