Wagner Brothers


Wagner Brothers - Lesterville, SD

The Wagner brothers have been perfecting farming and ranching for generations. Two brothers and their two sons spend days, nights and weekends raising their Black Angus and Simmental herd. All steers are treated like family and pasture raised and fed on grasses and foliage grown out of the rich and sandy soils of the James River Valley, and finished on grain to provide that perfect marbling you'd expect to see at at traditional, upscale steakhouse. The Wagner's are part of the American Simmental Association, using genetic reporting to raise cattle that provide more flavorful meat. "We can use the reports to get the traits we want so the entire herd produces higher quality beef," son Brandon Wagner says. Brandon and his wife Ashley have one son who they hope will be able to have the opportunity to continue to raise cattle.

Grass-fed, grain-finished | No unnecessary antibiotics | No traceable hormones | Raised like family

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    Soup Bones Wagner

    Feelin' like soups or broth? Enjoy several healthy side effects too. Cook stovetop or slow-cooker, low and slow. Around 1 1/3 lbs. Recipes say 1lb makes 2-6 cups of broth....
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  • Brisket Wagner

    A large & flavorful cut from the chest, great when cooking for a crowd. This is THE cut for bbq smoking. The marbling & fatty tissues help tenderize tougher meat into succulent perfection. Also, slow cook in the oven for corned beef or roasts....